M&L Management Terms and Conditions
Partysonic and Tentrix are musical acts of M&L Management and except for the standard number of musicians*, these terms and conditions are identical for both acts.

In these Conditions:

(a) TENTRIX means M&L Management - ABN 16 244 152 273;
(b) The Client means COMPANY or PERSON(s) contracting services from TENTRIX;
(c) The Event refers to the SOCIAL AFFAIR where TENTRIX will perform;
(d) Location means the exact spot(s) where TENTRIX will perform from during the Event.
(e) The Fee, which unless otherwise noted is expressed in Australian Dollars and represents the total amount charged by TENTRIX to provide the services to The Client.
(f) The Services refers to the musical entertainment provided by TENTRIX.

First the things you should know (very important):

Setting up
- To provide the top quality sound TENTRIX is famous for, TENTRIX needs to have access to the Location at least 180mins (three hours) prior to the beginning of the Event to set up sound and lighting equipment and sound check. In the case of a wedding, if the wedding ceremony takes place at the same venue as the reception, the 180mins set up time should be counted prior to the beginning of the wedding ceremony even when TENTRIX is not performing at the wedding ceremony. This time is not included in the performance time and it is provided as part of the agreed fee.

For example, if you book TENTRIX from 5pm, TENTRIX needs clearance from all parties necessary to have access to the Location and start setting up at 2pm. If for any reason(s) beyond TENTRIX's control, TENTRIX is not allowed to start setting up at least 180 mins prior to its performance (for example, the restaurant is serving regular lunch and the room is packed with patrons), TENTRIX may have to use up some of the performance time to do so. In this case, TENTRIX will not extend the performance length beyond the contracted ending time to compensate for any amount of the performance time used to set up.

- The Client is responsible for providing meals to the musicians contracted + any other TENTRIX staff member (ie: roadie, truck driver, audio engineer). If you are using a professional caterer, let them know that "staff meals" will be enough. At least one meal can NOT be seafood as one of TENTRIX's musicians is allergic to seafood. TENTRIX musicians and staff members don't drink alcohol on duty.

- TENTRIX performs standardly as a duo. TENTRIX can also perform as a 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7-piece or a larger line-up if requested by the Client (adding full brass section, string quartet, etc). This request must be specified by the Client prior to booking TENTRIX.

- TENTRIX performs in one single Location. The client needs to ensure that TENTRIX receives clear instruction on where exactly the Client wants TENTRIX to perform from (Location). The performance Location can't be changed once sound and lighting equipment are set up.

- TENTRIX can also perform in two or more locations if requested by the Client. This request must be specified by the Client PRIOR to booking TENTRIX.

- TENTRIX will provide all sound and lighting equipment necessary to its performance.
- TENTRIX will provide 1 (one) microphone for speeches and announcements.

Now the legal stuff:

1. When booking TENTRIX, the Client agrees to engage TENTRIX in consideration of the fee to procure the services of the Performers for the Event.

2. References to the Performers when used in this Terms and Conditions will also mean entertainer, artist, group, staff or any person required to be engaged as part of the performance.

3. These Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been accepted in its entirety by the Client when booking TENTRIX unless amendments are received and agreed to in writing by TENTRIX within seven days of booking confirmation.

4. In consideration of the Client procuring the services of the Performers, the Client shall pay the Fee to TENTRIX as follows unless otherwise agreed in writing:

(a) Booking deposit in the agreed amount. This deposit is not a booking fee and will be credited to the total price quoted. Failure to pay the booking deposit will mean the Performers are not committed to an agreement with the Client and are free to accept alternative engagement(s). The booking deposit is non-refundable. A total or partial booking deposit refund exception may apply according to M&L Management discretion. M&L Management decision on booking deposit refund is final and indisputable.
(b) The remaining balance of the fee and charges must be paid no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the event. TENTRIX reserves the right to cancel the Performer's appearance at the Event, if payment in full is not received by the due date(s).
(c) Payment may be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or in person via direct deposit into M&L Management's bank account as per follow:
Account name: ML Management; Bank: ANZ; BSB: 012315; Account: 282830677
(d) In the case of the date of the Event occurring within four (4) weeks of the booking date, then payment in full must be paid upon booking. Failure to pay the full Fee means the Performers are still not committed to an agreement with the Client and are free to accept alternative engagement(s).

5. If the Client cancels the Event or the engagement of the Performers for any reason, the cancelation notice must be sent to TENTRIX in writing to cancel@tentrix.com.au. And the Fee payable is as follows:

(a) If the cancellation notice is received more than 60 days prior to the Event: 50% of the Fee;
(b) If cancellation notice is received 45 days or less but more than 30 days prior to the event: 75% of the Fee;
(c) If cancellation notice is received 30 days or less prior to the event: 100% of the Fee.

6. If TENTRIX terminates this agreement (other than by reason of breach of agreement by the Client), all monies paid by the Client shall be refunded.

7. The rights of the Client on termination of an agreement by TENTRIX shall be limited in all cases to a refund of monies paid by the Client to TENTRIX and the Client shall have no further claim against TENTRIX or the Performers whatsoever. The Client acknowledges that TENTRIX may terminate an agreement where the Client fails to pay any part of the fee in accordance with terms and conditions and in any such event, TENTRIX shall be entitled to retain all monies paid by the Client to TENTRIX in respect to the services agreed upon.

8. If for any reason (including illness, emergency, overriding obligation, binding professional responsibility, force majeure) the Performers cannot fulfill the outlined engagement, TENTRIX will be responsible to use its best endeavors to source and provide comparable services for the engagement to the satisfaction of the Client. Should TENTRIX be unable to source or provide comparable services, TENTRIX shall refund all monies paid by the Client.

This terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of NSW in the Commonwealth of Australia.